Our company Limousine Drivers s.r.o has been providing professional transportation services in extraordinary vehicles for many years. Transportation is our main domain and we always make the effort to provide our clients with the best. We will always provide you with a reliable and flexible chauffeur, who is fluent in English and is fully at your disposal for the time being.


Car rent

Our car rental provides professional services in both short-term and long-term rental, and operative leasing. We can guarantee your satisfaction with our well-experienced professionals. Currently we have vehicles of middle and upper class and a few multi-vans.



Is there just too many things you need to take care of, too many errands to run and you just don’t have enough time for it all? We will gladly assist you with anything you need so you can enjoy your day stress-free.



Have you been looking for an easy way to relax and/or experience something new? Or is the change of environment what you would enjoy? Are you a practical kind of person and would you just like someone to take you shopping? Our Limousine Drivers will be happy to assist you with these and many other cases.




In the many years on the market we provided services to a wide range of clientele. The proof of success are our always happy clients whom we like to form long-term partnerships with. Partnerships based on a high standard of our services and maximum reliability...


We treat every client in a unique way. Based on your needs and requests we are happy to work out an offer that would be just what you want.


Your satisfaction, professionally trained staff and the high standard of our vehicle park are the main attributes we keep our focus on


"I have been working in this business my whole life and it is a job that I enjoy doing, it’s working with people and there you always find something to improve. And that is particularly why we are trying to make our staff to be the fifth star that makes us better. We face new challenges every day, which is what helps us improve our services.
I believe this is something you will appreciate as well."

    Hubert Ebergenyi


Our car park is dominated by a Mercedes branded cars and upper-middle class vehicles that pretty much guarantee quality, comfort and safety. Passengers’ and luggage insurance is always included.

It is not only about the comfort of our cars, but also about professionalism of our drivers, which is a fundamental part of the services we offer.

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